Sarvin Clark – Sarvin

Sarvin is a British brand which proudly incorporates a twist of Persian culture, making dresses of exceptional style and timeless designs. Creator Sarvin Clark expresses a love of exclusive, hand-painted prints, quality materials and handcrafted accessories, which she uses to make her garments unique. Ensuring that all customers look and feel their absolute best wearing these exclusive dresses, Sarvin believes in attention to detail and the guarantee of high quality for every single piece.

The majority of Sarvin dresses are made here in the UK. She¬†strongly believes that modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible. Therefore, Sarvin takes into consideration who and where her materials are coming from, stating that creating sustainable garments is “a lot more joyful (but also more challenging) than producing for a fast fashion brand”. She describes her pieces as something elegant and effortless that will last her customers a lifetime.