Lyndsey Keppel-Green – Lyndsey Green Illustration

Lyndsey Keppel-Green’s work is inspired by her passion for animals and conservation and her love of fantasy and mythical creatures. After graduating from Manchester School of Art, she now works at A4 Studios, Altrincham. She enjoys drawing unusual animals, which makes her work stand out, and thrives off of her customers’ reactions when they find a piece featuring their favourite animal. Lyndsey begins with a high-detail pencil drawing and colours it digitally using a graphics tablet, providing each illustration with a sharp finish in vivid colours.

All of her artwork is handmade or printed in the UK by eco-friendly companies, using FSC certified and/or recycled paper products. She strives to ensure that her packaging is as plastic-free as possible, using bio-degradable alternatives wherever possible. The artist sells a variety of gift items such as mugs, greeting cards, tote bags and cushions. Her prices range from £2 (mini zine) to £50 (framed giclee print), meaning there is something to appeal to all ages, from young children to the elderly.