Rebecca Woods – Rebecca J Woods Ceramics

Rebecca Woods is a ceramicist who believes in form and function, beauty and joy. She makes decorative wares for the home such as plant hangers, bud vases, bowls, butter dishes and more, mostly producing her work on the potter’s wheel. She also creates her own glazes from base ingredients; for example, using wood ash from the fire, rather than relying on commercially bought ones. Rebecca has now developed a range of slips in soft blues, greens and peach colours to decorate her ceramics with.

She has previously attended local pottery studios including Lark Lane, The Potfactory and The Rathbone Gallery, in order to further her craft, and has worked alongside internationally known master potter Mike Dodd, as well as practising with the fantastic raku potter John Scott. She describes these experiences as invaluable in terms of technique, but also in acquiring a philosophy and approach towards her work.

Rebecca has established a fully equipped studio at home. Her style is influenced by the British Studio Pottery tradition, infused with modern day influences; Pip Wilcox, Brigitte Colleaux, Rachel Wood, Jean-Nicolas Gérard and Grayson Perry. She aims to produce wares which meet different budgets, with prices ranging from £9 up to £45.